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Csit 101 Literary Assignment 1

STUDY GUIDE CSIT 101 FOR FINALSelected Answer:printQuestion 211 out of 1 pointsA computer relies on the combination of _____ and _____ to turn input into output.Selected Answer:hardware, softwareQuestion 220 out of 1 pointsUsing analog-to-_____ conversion, we are able to digitize the things we see and hear.Selected Answer:colorQuestion 231 out of 1 pointsThe launch of the _____ in 2010 resulted in various tablet devices entering the market.Selected Answer:iPadQuestion 240 out of 1 pointsA computer that manages data and produces information often uses a _____ to organize and deliver it.Selected Answer:serverQuestion 251 out of 1 pointsA general-purpose computer relies on the _____ being used to perform an activity.Selected Answer:softwareQuestion 261 out of 1 pointsA ____ gives the holder exclusive rights to use an invention for 20 years.Selected Answer:patentQuestion 270 out of 1 pointsOne opponent of the DMCA is the ____.Selected Answer:RIAAQuestion 11 out of 1 pointsOne thing to consider when choosing a mobile device is _____.Selected Answer:battery lifeQuestion 20 out of 1 pointsEmbedded operating systemsare hardwired into a computer component, such as ROM or flash memory, to control a ____ computer.Selected Answer:laptopQuestion 31 out of 1 pointsUsers of iPods and iPhones are well acquainted with the process of _____ files.

STUDY GUIDE CSIT 101 FOR FINALQuestion 11 out of 1 pointsOnline newspapers can be delivered through _____to news readers.Selected Answer:RSSQuestion 21 out of 1 pointsComputer _____ capture(s) the essence of today’s business expectations for knowledge workers within their organizations.Selected Answer:fluencyQuestion 31 out of 1 pointsDRM protects intellectual property by ____.Selected Answer:limiting how many devices can use a file, and how many times it can be copiedQuestion 41 out of 1 points_____ media is programming or music that can be accessed any time of the day, regardless of television and radio schedules.Selected Answer:On-demandQuestion 51 out of 1 pointsOne way newspapers are staying profitable in the online delivery model is to _____.Selected Answer:charge readers for access to storiesQuestion 61 out of 1 pointsPersonal music videos that combine user-generated photos with audio music are a good example of _____.Selected Answer:digital convergenceQuestion 71 out of 1 pointsSoftware such as ____ is used by both students and teachers to find plagiarism problems.Selected Answer:TurnitinQuestion 80 out of 1 pointsDue to the ____ of intellectual property, distribution of content is much faster and easier than it was in thepast.Selected Answer:licensingQuestion 91 out of 1 pointsThe DMCA was drafted and passed by the ____.Selected Answer:United StatesQuestion 101 out of 1 pointsServices using DRM technology usually include all of the following restrictions EXCEPT ____.

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