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Resurrection Essays Pdf

Jesus Risen in Our Midst

Essays on the Resurrection of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel

Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM

Publication Year: 2013

Jesus Risen in Our Midst mines the Resurrection Narrative of John's gospel as a rich resource for understanding and developing Christian spirituality. In this series of essays, which can be read independently of one another, Scripture scholar Sandra Schneiders draws out especially fascinating insights onthe place of the Resurrection in the overall structure of the Gospel of Johnthe important structure of John 20, which presents a series of episodes that are internally related to each other and constitute a distinctive synthesis of Christian spiritualitywhat the Resurrection story reveals about the New Covenant promised by Jeremiah and Ezekielthe anthropology and eschatology that is operative in John's account of the Resurrectionthe distinction in John between the Glorification and the Resurrection of Jesus

Published by: Liturgical Press

Part One: The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus

Part Two: John’s Theology and Spirituality of Presence

Chapter 1: The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus and Christian Spirituality

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pp. 3-33

Chapter 2: Touching the Risen Jesus: Mary Magdalene and Thomas the Twin in John 20

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pp. 34-60

Chapter 3: The Resurrection of the Body in the Fourth Gospel: Key to Johannine Spirituality

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pp. 61-96

Chapter 4: The Raising of the New Temple: John 20:19-23 and Johannine Ecclesiology

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pp. 99-118

Chapter 5: “Whose Sins You Shall Forgive . . .”: The Holy Spirit and the Forgiveness of Sin(s) in the Fourth Gospel

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pp. 119-148

Chapter 6: The Lamb of God and the Forgiveness of Sin(s) in the Fourth Gospel

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pp. 149-182

E-ISBN-13: 9780814680858
E-ISBN-10: 0814680852
Print-ISBN-13: 9780814680841
Print-ISBN-10: 0814680844

Page Count: 232
Publication Year: 2013

OCLC Number: 966782747
MUSE Marc Record: Download for Jesus Risen in Our Midst

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