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Misuse Of Mobile Phones Essays

In the modern world even the school students have their own mobile. People are addicted to the mobiles phones very much. At the small age the people are started using the mobile phones. The signal from the mobile phones will affect the small children and bring them the brain diseases very soon when they are young. The students are using the phones with all the facilities especially the camera of video recording and video play back. With the camera they are started doing the illegal activities. According to the survey nearly 70 to 80 percentages of the students mobile is having the porn videos and the porn photos. And 10 to 20% of the videos are captured by the mobiles phones by them or by their friends. Most of the students are falling in love in nowadays. The guys are taking their girl friend videos and spreading it through the MMS and uploading it in the web. The boys won’t feel for this kind of activity. For the girls it is big thing. At the small age they are not matured and these things will look funny for them. But these things get to know their known one they will commit suicide. The same thing was happened to my friend nearby house. The girl showed her whole body to her boy friend and had sex with him. He took the video and published to everyone. When the girl came to know about that she committed suicide. Her parents were helpless now. Make sure your kids are using their mobile phones in a proper way. Get them a basic mobile until they get the maturity. When the maturity comes they will know about the life and they will get to know what is good and what is bad. The above said things are happening due to the non maturity. Guide them before they get spoiled by looking the outside world. Get them the mobile phone what features they need at their age.

In the modern age phones play a great role for the development of cultural and industry. The mobile phone now is the goddess of life. Advertisers say that the world is in our palm. In this age anybody asks whether mobile phone is necessary for a boy or girl and if one says no, he may be considered as an uncivilized person. Most of us will hate this kind of advice, but the sweetness will be realized later. Every object has its use and misuse. It is like liberty, which is properly, enjoyed by Wiseman but fools misuse it. The end result is highly harmful. The misuse of mobile phone is generally seen among school students. According to my opinion mobile phone is not necessary for school students. Moreover guardians should not allow their children to take mobile phones to their institutions, atleast up to plus two (+2) levels. They are the most misusers. It should be strictly controlled. If it is not done properly and timely, it will lead to great disaster. For what purpose do guardians send their wards to school with mobile? According to their opinions: Their wards go to tuition in the early morning, then directly to school and then to tuition in the evening. Most of them return their house very late by bus. That is why they give their wards the mobile for safety. When a student is at school, he is safe and if anything happens, teachers will help and inform the guardians. So there is no need for a mobile there. If the students want to communicate anything on the way, there are number of phone booths and coin phones. Most of the students misuse the mobile phones they posses. That will create very awkward situation. Before the discovery of mobile phone, students went to school and learned well and became eminent persons. So mobile phone is not a necessity for education but a hindrance. Most of the school students use mobile phones for SMS. It is a mechanical system. It greatly affected our letter writing skill and our culture. Modern students...

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