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Charity Begins At Home Short Essay

Proverb Expansion

Charity is a kind act. Charity or kindness is giving help to the needy. It is a desirable quality in anyone. It refers to the love and sympathy one has for others. A child should be encouraged first to love his own dear and near ones. This will enable him to love his fellowmen later on. A person’s first duty is to help the members of his family. There are some people who contribute lavishly to charitable institutions, but pay little attention to the poor members of their own families. The proverb can be explained from another point of view also. Any act of goodness can have a solid foundation only if it spreads goodness around. An act of charity must not be undertaken by spreading starvation at home. Any good act must have its beginning from one’s own environment. Similarly, it is hypocrisy to preach to others what we do not practise ourselves. A person may say that there is corruption in the country and that we should oppose it. If this same person is placed in a position of authority, he himself cannot resist the temptations. All the great leaders and reformers preach against the dowry system and they themselves give dowry through the back door. The greatness of Gandhiji lies in the fact that whenever he planned some political programmes for the nation, he would place himself in the font, not minding the sufferings. To be charitable is not bad, but be charitable at home first. The world judges us by our deeds and not by our words.

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Charity Begins At Home.

Charity Begins At Home. :

Charity means willingness to help others. Helping those who are really in need is a rare and good quality indeed. People are often reluctant to help other. They care only for themselves or their nearest and dearest. They are selfish people who do not know what charity is. There are others who spend huge sums of money on charitable institutions but pay no attention to their poor relatives or near ones. They want to impress others by donating large sums, but have no heart for those who really suffer. This is selfishness. They act on selfish motives. A truly charitable person should help those who are actually in need. He should be willing to help a needy man whether he is a relative or not. To possess such an unselfish loving heart, one should first learn to love his kith and kin. But it should also be noted that such a love should not confine itself to family circle. The right way to cultivate the charitable habit is to start living one’s kith and kin and gradually extend that live to those out asked the family. Such a person can love and sympathize with all those who deserve it. Only that sort of mentality can be called really charitable.

Charity Begins At Home.

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