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Overqualified Cover Letter Template

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Sample cover letter for overqualified job

It is never bad to come in a position already encompassing a boatload of skill but some of the employers are intimated by the candidates who are overqualified. They are afraid that the applicant will expect salary which matches their qualification and will have difficulties taking orders and directions from other who are less qualified then them on paper. So it is important to go through sample cover letter for overqualified job to keep all important points in mind to counteract these perceptions.

What to mention:

Highlight all previous jobs related, in which field the applicant applying to show the employers how those jobs have been a great experience and success for them. While writing a cover letter it is very important to write your motivation about this job that how this job will be taking you a step further in fulfillment in your career and life. It will show them that how applicant advanced knowledge will be an asset to the company.

 Make sure that you good connection with your colleague who supervised you in that department for a recommendation on your behalf. Also take some guidance form sample cover letter for overqualified to write a cover letter it will help you to point out important points.

Example of cover letter for overqualifiedjob:

Sir Mr. (Surname)

(Address of the company)

(Position of the job you are applying for)

I am very interested in (job position) available at (company name) and I hope that my qualification will not be a problem and can be an asset to the company.

I have been working as (job position) in (department name) in (company name) for (year of experience), (Your achievements in the company). I am a hard working person and I complete my task in the given target time. And I also have work experience in (department name).

I look forward from hearing from you and to have a positive response from your side.


(Your name)

Things to remember while writing a cover letter:

Write a targeted letter: It helps the applicant to convey the employer that how your interests and knowledge have helped you to gain achievements in your previous jobs. It also helps them to see how your qualification matches to the job. If you have any difficulty in writing cover letter take help from sample cover letter for overqualified to clear your doubts.

Bullets point: Make sure that you point your experience through bullet point. Because by using them to show your past experiences you will not have to spell out your position of previous job. It helps to keep the topic short, simple and to the point.

Mission statements: While writing a cover letter your mission state should not convey that you hope to own company someday as you are overqualified for the job it is not good to convey these type impressions. So it is important that your mission statement should show your love, passion, and experience in the field for which the person is applying.









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How To Write a Cover Letter When You're Overqualified for a Position

What can you do if you're overqualified for a job, but still want to apply? When the job market is difficult, there may be a shortage of jobs that you are qualified for and it can make sense to expand your job search. Or, personal reasons — such as starting a family, wanting a shorter commute, etc. — may make jobs a few rungs lower on the career ladder appealing.

If you do appear overqualified for a job, you'll need to carefully craft a cover letter to your application will be considered.

Employers are notorious for discarding overqualified candidates. That's because they're afraid that the person will be bored or unmotivated and might move on to another job in short order. Employers are most eager to hire people who will stay with the company for awhile, since hiring, training, and onboarding new employees are costly. 

If your work experience or education could make you appear overqualified, it's important to construct your cover letter and resume to counteract the perception that you'll be unhappy in the position and only in it for a short period. 

Explain How You Enjoyed Similar Jobs

A key factor in getting your cover letter noticed is to highlight any similar jobs you have held even if the position was not your most recent. You will need to point out why those comparable jobs were satisfying and successful experiences for you. This will show potential employers that despite being overqualified, you don't necessarily plan to move on to a more challenging role in the near future.

For example, take the case of someone who is applying for sales assistant job, but has worked most recently as an account manager or salesperson. If they have had enjoyable jobs as an assistant in the past and excelled in that role, it will be critical to highlight those experiences. 

You can also consider acknowledging that you are overqualified for the position at hand, and explaining why you're still interested.

Being honest, and not letting your qualifications become the elephant in the interview room, can be helpful. 

In the example above, for instance, where a salesperson is applying for a sales assistant position, the candidate might point out that she prefers organization and detail to persuasion, and then focus on her successes as a sales assistant. 

As much as possible in your letter, seek to assuage potential employer concerns about how long you'd be with the company. If you've always been at jobs for several years, for instance, you can mention your loyalty and that you are eager for a long-term relationship with your next employer. 

Write a Targeted Letter

A one-size-fits-all cover letter will not do in this instance. If you appear overqualified in your resume, use your cover letter to make it clear why you are actually a good match for the position. For example, maybe your experience at some high-level positions will still help and inform your day-to-day work in the current position (or can be an add-on that you provide). 

It will be critical to analyze the skills, interests, and assets that an individual would need to possess in order to excel in the target job. Then, in your cover letter, use concrete examples to show how you possess these assets, and have achieved success in past jobs, volunteer work, or course projects.

  Finding the right job will require you to know how to write a targeted cover letter and how to match your qualifications to a job.

If you're unsure of where to start writing a cover letter, using an example cover letter from your industry or based on your level of experience is a great place to start. 

Follow Up

During your interview, be prepared to answer questions about being overqualified — as in your cover letter, use this as an opportunity to tell a story that shows you're a candidate who plans to stick around in the position long term. 

Follow up communications after the interview should show enthusiasm for the actual content of the job. If possible ask a former colleague who supervised you in a similar role to make an unsolicited recommendation call (or send an email) to decision makers.

Having a clear strategy about how to follow up after your interviews is important, so plan one out before you walk in the interview door. When possible, adjust your follow up to include details from your interview itself.

Showing your enthusiasm for the role will help convince the interviewer that this isn't a desperate measure and that you really do want the job. The unsolicited recommendation call or email will also demonstrate your interest in the role.

It's easy to be overlooked when you're overqualified for a position but by putting a little extra effort into your application, you can show the interviewer that your interest is sincere and not fleeting or desperate.

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