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Visual Arts Brampton-Home Assignments 2013 Corvette

Help your child develop their creativity, confidence, and social skills in our inclusive studio setting. We encourage creative learners from any skill level to join our classes.

Our Curriculum

Developed and approved by our team of Ontario Certified Teachers, our visual arts curriculum is designed to enhance the art classes your child is already taking in school - we take your child’s creative learning to a whole new level!

Enroll your child in our weekly classes and they will learn a vast variety of art making techniques in various medium. Your child will be taught techniques in the monthly subject focus and produce a final project culminating all their learning for the month. We emphasize the importance of progress and growth in our classes - the artistic journey is just as important as the finished product.

Our visual arts curriculum and visual art projects change every year, so no two years are the same!

Many of our students use their experience from our classes to pursue further arts education at art specializing high schools, such as Mayfield Secondary School, Cawthra Park Secondary School, or St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. We take great pride in the accomplishments of our students.


Ages: 9-12 Years

Weekly Class Times:

  • Sunday Afternoon - 2:00pm - 4:00pm Class Full
  • Wednesday Evening - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Class Full
  • Thursday Evening - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Class Full
  • Saturday Morning - 9:30am - 11:30am Class Full
  • Saturday Afternoon - 12:00pm - 2:00pm Class Full
  • Saturday Afternoon - 2:30pm - 4:30pm Class Full

Price & Session Options:

  • Winter/Spring - February to June - $250

Trial Classes:

  • Trial classes are available for $15 each, up to a maximum of two trial classes per student.

A sibling discount of 10% is available for each additional child registered.

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What Students will Learn

  • Drawing Basics (shading realistically with light, shadow, shapes)
  • How to Draw Using Pencil, Coloured Pencil, Oil Pastel
  • Plaster Sculpture
  • Scratchboard (and drawing using positive and negative space)
  • Watercolour Painting (brushes, paint techniques)
  • Acyrlic Painting (brushes, paint techniques)
  • Landscape Drawing (bushes, trees, flowers, sky, clouds, organizing a nice drawing)
  • Perspective and Architecture (one-point, two-point, three-point, infinite-point)
  • Drawing People (portraiture, proportions)
  • Colour Theory (colour relationships, mixing, shading, tinting)
  • Drawing Creatures (animals, insects)
  • Abstract Art (what is 'good' abstract art and how to do it)
  • Print Making (making designs using geometry and symmetry)
  • Mixed Media
  • Art History (gathering inspiration from the style of famous artists)

About the InstructorS


Colleen Dee, B.F.A.

Originally from Montreal, Colleen Dee is a BFA graduate in Fine Arts and Design where she spent 20 years in the Marketing and Advertising industry as an international Graphic Designer. In her more recent years, she has taught Art & Crafts these last 7 years to children and adults in Vietnam, Cambodia and Canada. Lately she has put aside her commercial skills to focus on her fine art roots. "I love creative expression in so many art forms and have always enjoyed working with different materials and mediums. I'm very active in the artisan arena with my many interests: paper mache, paper art, printmaking, sculpting and photo art as well as giving workshops. I enjoy giving talks about my international teaching experiences working with children and adults".


Michelina Williamson, BFA

Michelina Williamson is a practicing visual artist and a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University. While her current art practice is drawing and painting, Michelina also has experience with filmmaking, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. She enjoys working with youth and is passionate about art and art education. Michelina has an extensive history working and volunteering for various Arts organizations and is thrilled to be part of the Visual Arts Brampton community.


Natasha Antonellis

Currently studying at OCAD University to complete her bachelors in design, Natasha is a graduate of Mayfield Secondary School’s regional visual arts program, and recipient of Ontario Scholar. In her spare time, she creates high realism artwork in multi-media and hopes to pursue a career as a Graphic Designer in the future.


We ask that students supply their own sketchbooks (9x12"), drawing pencils and an eraser. Any other materials required for the class will be provided.


This program is currently at capacity. Please check back in May for more information on our Summer program.

Winter 2018 Session

This program is currently at capacity. Please check back in May for more information on our Summer program.

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