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Related Coursework For Business Management

I'm touching up my resume right now, but it's coming up a bit empty. I'm trying to decide what coursework I should list that would be appropriate for a banking internship. Problem is, I haven't taken any "real" finance courses yet, just general business stuff that's part of our core curriculum. Would appreciate feedback on which courses should go on the resume...

So far, I've taken:
Problem Solving using Computer Software (Word, Excel, & Powerpoint, basically)
Statistics with Regression
Principles of Financial Accounting
Principles of Managerial Accounting
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Supply Chain and Operations Management
Principles of Entrepreneurship

Maybe I have more courses relevant to consulting internships at the moment?

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listing resume coursework

Our users shared that you should not list the most basic coursework - IE the entry level classes such as "principles of management." It is assumed that these are fluff classes that all business majors take. Instead you should focus on highlighting the hard skills classes that you have taken such as Financial Accounting, Calculus, Statistics, and Micro / Macroeconomics. Our users explain below.

User @j-rad shared the relevant courses from the OP's list:

Calc, stats, financial accounting, macro/micro

User @mwgr5 shared that you need to be prepared to talk about your coursework in interviews:

I agree with the classes j-rad highlighted. Also, be prepared to talk about the classes you list in interviews.

User @RJohns shared:

The "principles" courses aren't worth mentioning because they are the same low-level, intro courses everyone in b-school takes. Calc and stats also are standard, but better to mention. You have taken just the standard stuff, so you don't have anything distinctive to mention. If you can, take a more advanced course in math or analysis or something that sets you apart from the tens of thousands of business majors.

You can see a picture below that demonstrates an example of how to format this section on your resume.

Source: http://www.footrule.org/12902/relevant-coursework-...

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A bachelor’s degree program in business administration prepares students for a role as a leader. Courses in business administration, also called business management, help to develop a well-rounded professional with strong communication, analytical and leadership skills. Successful students in business programs learn to apply the management theories they've studied to real problems.

Business Administration Careers

Students who complete business administration programs are qualified to work in a variety of positions. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to be a marketing manager, financial analyst, human resources manager or accounting professional. A bachelor’s degree in business administration may also prepare students to pursue a graduate-level degree, such as a Master of Business Administration.

General Education Courses

Colleges and universities require students to complete general studies courses regardless of the degree subject area. These include mathematics, English composition, history, science and the humanities. The general courses in the business degree program can help students complete the more specialized coursework later in the program. For example, completing English composition or report writing courses prepares the student to complete writing-intensive business courses.

Core Business Courses

Common core courses in business administration programs include financial accounting, business law, economics, finance, organizational behavior, business management, marketing, human resource management and operations management. Degree programs may require students to complete lower-division core courses before selecting an area of concentration, although some programs may not require an area of concentration.

Concentration Areas

Business students who select an area of concentration may focus on accounting, finance, international business, information management or marketing. For example, students who select a concentration in accounting complete courses in cost accounting, risk analysis, taxation and auditing. Those choosing a concentration in marketing complete specialized courses in consumer behavior, marketing management and product development. The areas of concentration prepare students for specifics role in the business field.

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