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Chuck Norris Dissertation

Chuck Norris Approves!

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Many of us may recognize Chuck Norris as a late-night exercise equipment peddler.  In fact, he was the undefeated Professional Middleweight Karate champion title for six consecutive years, before retiring with a karate record of 183-10-2.  He was the only man in the western hemisphere ever to be awarded an 8th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  That’s serious.

His legendary feats of strength have been well-documented over the years, leading to an extensive list of Chuck Norris facts.  While he was recently seen protecting lab benches worldwide, that was just scratching the surface of Chuck’s science prowess.  Here are some little-known facts highlighting his super-human science skills.


Chuck Norris’ water is 75M.

All of Chuck Norris’ bonds are covalent.

Chuck Norris’ mitochondria use a roundhouse pump.

All of Eric Kandel’s findings are the exact opposite in Chuck Norris’ brain.

Malaria isn’t a problem in the US because Chuck Norris lives there.

Chuck Norris can make a pot of water boil and freeze at the same time.

Chuck Norris took the uncertainty out of Heisenberg’s principle.

Chuck Norris’ high-throughput screening hit rate is 100%.

Vancomycin is not the antibiotic of last resort.  Chuck Norris is.

Chuck Norris performs all experiments at absolute zero.

Chuck Norris misunderstood the meaning of “Defending his PhD”.  72 people died.

Chuck Norris doesn’t take questions because he already answered them.

Chuck Norris exhales dry ice.

Chuck Norris can turn any element into gold by staring it down.

Chuck Norris doesn’t feed his cultures, they run on fear.

Chuck Norris handles Ebola without gloves on. It knows better than to try anything.

Chuck Norris has an impact factor of infinity.

Chuck Norris induces protein expression with a glare.

Chuck Norris makes proteins tell him who their binding partner is.

Chuck Norris doesn’t wear a labcoat because his skin is fire and chemical resistant.

Chuck Norris doesn’t give group meeting because you won’t remember anything after the roundhouse anyway.

When Chuck Norris scoops you, you wake up with a concussion.

Chuck Norris mouth pipettes ether. While smoking a cigar.

Chuck Norris filters all buffers through his tongue.

Chuck Norris told Darwin what to write.

Chuck Norris doesn’t use buffers, he just tells the pH to stay.

Chuck Norris made HEK cells immortal.

If Chuck Norris asks you a question in a seminar, the answer is Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris can read papers without looking at them.

Chuck Norris doesn’t understand nociceptor research because he can’t comprehend what pain is.

Chuck Norris intimidates his buffers into never running out.

A bottle of I-125 got exposed to Chuck Norris and developed a tumor six days later.


Any other science-related Chuck Norris facts to add?


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