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If you intend to submit a Research and Analysis Project (RAP) to Oxford BrookesUniversity, Oxford Brookes University strongly recommends that you should chooseone of the following twenty approved project topic areas as the basis for your RAP.1.

 An analysis and evaluation of an organisation

s budgetary control system andits links with performance management and decision making.2.

 An evaluation of how the introduction of a new technology can assist anorganisation in achieving its business objectives.3.

 An assessment of the potential impact of an aspect of impending legislation onthe operations and financial position of an organisation.4.

 A review of the business management and accounting issues of environmentalcosts of an organisation.5.

 An evaluation of the use of short term and long term Islamic financialinstruments and their impact on the financial statements of an organisation.6.

 A critical review of key factors or indicators in the motivation of employees inan organisation.7.

 A critical evaluation of the restructuring of an organisation

s operationalactivities and the effect on the organisation

s financial performance.8.

 An analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of anorganisation over a three year period.9.

 A critical evaluation of the planning and implementation of an informationsystem in an organisation.10.

 A review of the effectiveness of the use of costing techniques within anorganisation.11.

 An investigation into the financial and operational costs and benefits of theinternal audit / internal review activities within an organisation.12.

 An investigation into the possible effects of a proposed accounting standardon the financial statements and business activities of an organisation.13.

 An evaluation of the contribution made by human resource activities to theattainment of business and financial objectives.14.

 An appraisal of the business and financial objectives of a strategic investmentdecision made by an organisation and its impact on key stakeholders.15.

 An analysis and evaluation of the management of an organisation

s workingcapital over a three year period and its impact on the organisation

s fundingstrategies.16.

 A critical evaluation of the financial and operational risk management withinan organisation.17.

 An assessment of the quality of the corporate governance within anorganisation and the impact on an organisation

s key stakeholders.18.

 A review of the marketing strategy of an organisation and its effectiveness.


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