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Essay Pro Rh Bill

Reproductive health bill, more popularly known as RH Bill, is quite a controversy on our government. So what is exactly RH Bill? Well, it just states that we could use birth control methods in our country legally. But what the hell is the point of this RH Bill? Condoms and pills are already sold on convenience stores and pharmacies. Doctors already perform vasectomies and ligations. This is literally non sense. And what more, it encourages pre-marital sex.

So what is premarital sex? Well, technically speaking, it is engaging on a sexual intercourse before the matrimonial ceremony. Wedding is a sacred ceremony for me. And thus, RH bill violates the sacredness of this so called marriage.

CONDOMS, PILLS, and other BIRTH CONTROL METHODS disrespect the holiness of marriage. Marriage is what binds people legally and spiritually. These methods as I said encouraged PREMARITAL SEX, thus making people impure and immodest. Couples who use these birth control methods defy natural reproduction. They defy what God made.

Because of these methods, young ones are braver to take the risk in having sex. The ladies won’t get pregnant and so, it won’t have additional baggage. Young ones, we, are encouraged to explore our sexuality aggressively. We have a greater tendency to do sexual intercourse since there is “protection”.

But really, is this protection? Protection from concepcion, yes, but emotionally and spiritually? People who use contraception methods tend to be only friends with benefits or better yet sex friends. Yes, some people fall in love with their sex partners but they don’t have any commitment so, he/she doesn’t have the right to stop his/her partner from leaving. This can break a person emotionally, and yes, it will hurt. Spiritually, a person will be impure. Since marriage somewhat legalizes sex, premarital sex makes the couple impure, even if they love each other very much. So practically, I SAY NO TO RH BILL.

Like this:



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“Doesn’t every woman deserve the right to have a safe pregnancy and a baby that’s born healthy? I believe this is a very basic human right.” So much has been said for and against the reproductive health bill . Just like I support the RH bill because:

1. I believe Filipina women or their spouses should have the freedom to choose what is best for them and the family. (help couples/parents achieve their desired fertility size in the context of responsible parenthood;)

2. I believe that sustained information campaign be imparted on reproductive health rights, care, services and facilities coupled with universal access to all methods of family planning ranging from the natural to the modern which are medically safe and legally permissible. With many of the RH Bill’s provisions sparking controversy and debate, only certain elements of reproductive health are emphasized by critics, such as the moral issue on contraceptives, while the rest are largely ignored.

Some of these misconceptions are:

1. The RH Bill is anti-life – It is, in fact, pro-quality life, because it will ensure that all births are planned and wanted by their parents. The bill is not against the birth of children and does not advocate that couples stop having children. Rather, it only aims to help them achieve their fertility goals – to have the number and proper spacing of children that they desire.

2. The RH Bill is biased for modern methods – Since it makes available all possible family planning methods – including the natural family planning method preferred by the Catholic Church – it actually “democratizes” family planning.

3, The RH Bill legalizes abortion – Abortion is illegal, criminal and punishable by law. There is absolutely no provision in the RH Bill about the legalization of abortion.

4. The RH Bill endorses abortifacients – All contraceptive pills and intrauterine conceptive devices (IUDs) are not abortifacients and will not induce abortions. These are meant to suppress ovulation, which stops fertilization and the formation of a fetus.

5. Contraceptives kill – Medical risks connected with contraceptives are infinitely lower than the risks of an actual pregnancy. The risk of dying from maternal causes is 1 in 100. The risk of dying from IUDs is 1 in 10 million; vasectomy, 1 in 1 million; birth-control pills, 1 in 200,000; condoms, absolutely zero.

6. Sexuality Education will promote promiscuity – Sex education promotes the correct sexual values. Studies on countries where sex education is part of the curriculum have found it beneficial in that it actually delays sexual relations and encourages abstinence before marriage. Multiple sex partners are also avoided, therefore the preventing the spreading of sexually-transmitted diseases.

7. The RH Bill will promote a contraceptive mentality – Contraceptives will prevent unplanned pregnancies, but couples who want children will not stop just because contraceptives are widely available.

8. The RH Bill claims to be panacea to poverty – The Bill simply recognizes the correlation between a large population and poverty. Family planning and reproductive health will help reduce poverty.

9. The Bill will lead to a demographic winter – Research has shown that a demographic winter is not possible in at least another 100 years.

10. The RH Bill is unconstitutional – The Bill has been accused of violating Art. II, Sec. 12 of the Philippine Constitution, when it fact it actually supports it. As required by that specific provision, the Bill offers resources that may help parents, particularly to the majority who regard discussing sex at home as taboo, educate their children about sexuality and reproductive health.

The CBCP pastoral letter is misrepresenting the Reproductive Health bill as promotive of abortion and of adolescent promiscuity. Risa Hontiveros in a letter to the CBCP says that “they have not only been intellectually dishonest and ignored the good faith of RH advocates, but also failed to proclaim the life-saving and values-formation character of this public health measure, which many of us in your own flock, in conscience, desire to be passed into law. ” When the the bill becomes a law, it brings many benefits.

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