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Research Paper On Innovation And Creativity

Academic researchers now have free access to data from Teresa Amabile’s Daily Diary Study of more than 200 professionals working on twenty-six creative projects in seven companies across three industries. This data covers topics such as motivation, emotion, work environment, creativity, and productivity. Diary data was collected each weekday throughout the life of the projects or discrete project phases – over four months on average, and up to nine months; the response rate was 75%. Most projects involved new product development. Publications based on the data have included Teresa Amabile’s 2011 book The Progress Principle, as well as several scholarly journal articles, practitioner articles, and case studies. The database includes detailed coding of “event of the day” stories from the nearly 12,000 diary submissions, as well as quantitative measures of psychological state collected daily; performance ratings collected from close colleagues and supervisors monthly; and demographics, personality, motivational orientation, cognitive style, perceptions of the work environment, and other measures, collected at other times during the study. The Daily Diary Study database can be found on the Harvard University’s Dataverse platform: http://dx.doi.org/10.7910/DVN/25463

CIM Best Paper Award 2017 Winner
The editorial board of Creativity and Innovation Management would like to congratulate the authors of this year's CIM Best Paper Award:

In Search of New Product Ideas: Identifying Ideas in Online Communities by Machine Learning and Text Mining, Kasper Christensen, Sladjana Nørskov, Lars Frederiksen, Joachim Scholderer (March 2017)

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