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Define Dignity Of Labour Essay

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The word “labor” meaning is “physical hard work’ work for others and get paid’ physically perform different jobs”. A laborer is one who physically works very hard and get a little payment, a laborer is one who serves the nation but stay unremembered, a laborer is one who physically participates in the development of a country but lives a hard life, a laborer is one who has a part in the construction of every building every monument and every mall. But he always lives a very tough, tensed and poor life. The value of a laborer cannot be defined in little words.

The dignity of labor is more than high because labor means to serve others, and serving others, serving the nation, serving the world is more respectable, honorable, and admirable than any other act. The dignity of labor is because of the laborer.When a laborer does his work honestly and sincerely than the dignity of labor gets higher and higher. History has witnessed the sacrifices of laborers when many laborers were killed only because they were asking about their rights, and the day was saved as “laborer day” and celebrated each year on 1st May.

Place of labor and laborer is on the highest rank, because if we are studying in a good college with beautiful construction, it is because of the labor of those laborers who participated in the constructions of that building. If  the white house and Pisa tower are famous buildings of the world then it is only because of the hard work and skills of laborers. The dignity of labor is obvious from the word “hard work” because hard work is a symbol of success and respect.

But, our society didn’t award the true respect to labor and laborer, our society needs to be educated about the dignity of labor. We should respect laborer and we should accept labor as the most respectable job. We should understand the true meaning of labor if we celebrate 1st May, because, only big banners and words are of no value.

[box type=”success” align=”” class=”” width=””]Short Essay on Dignity Of Labor | Essay On Dignity Of Labor | Speech On Dignity Of Labor | Paragraph On Dignity Of Labor | Short Note On Dignity Of Labor[/box]

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Dignity of Labor

What is Dignity of Labor? Dignity of Labor means that all occupation, whether involving intellect or physical labor, deserves equal respect and dignity. No job should be considered superior or inferior. Every job that is dutifully done with honesty and sincerity deserves appreciation.

Every person has the right to choose his profession of his choice. A person should never be discriminated on the basis of his occupation.

Labour is of two kinds: intellectual labor and manual labor. But whatever it is, it has a dignity of its own. Some think manual labor as an inferior affair. But manual labor is as dignified as the highest intellectual labor. The people who work with their hands are as much useful as those works with their brain.

All great men used to do various kinds of manual labor. Mahatma Gandhi preferred to do all his personal works of his own. He always respected and treated everyone equally. He had the same respect in his eyes for a manual laborer that he had for the most educated intellect.

Importance of manual labor: In fact, the word ‘labor’ implies manual labor. Manual labor is the root of all progress. Many of our life’s daily necessary would not have been produced without manual labor. It is essential for human society.

  • Cultivation would not be possible without manual labor. A farmer does hard labor to produce food grains, vegetables and fruits for all of us.
  • Houses cannot be built without manual labor.
  • Many students do some sort of manual labor and meet their educational expenses. The dignity of labor is highly recognized there.

Moreover, labor saves man from going to the wrong path. It also gives us self-satisfaction. It makes us self-dependent. There is sense of honor in all honest work.

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