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Homework Passes For Students

Homework passes: the most popular gifts you can give!

These fun and rewarding homework passes are perfect for gifts to students, especially at Christmas. I hand out little gift bags before winter break and include a homework pass. No matter what I put in those gift bags, the homework pass is a favorite!

Download the sample to see what you get.

Sometimes, if a student goes above and beyond on their homework for many nights in a row, I will honor the effort with a student award of a homework pass. Often though, these are the students who would never think of using one!

Rules for using the passes

Students are allowed to redeem homework passes whenever they wish. They just staple it to the assigned homework and place it in my in-box the morning the assignment is due.

Children's eyes light up when they get a simple bonus like this…not bad for a little scrap of paper!

Video tips: Using your homework passes

Homework Passes for Student Rewards

PDF download includes:

  • 7 pages of homework pass cards
  • 1 each of black-and-white, blue, green, orange and red for winter (penguin theme)
  • 1 each of black-and-white and red for Valentines (heart theme)

Each card is 5-12 x 4-1/4 inches (14 x 11 cm). The cards print four to a page (postcard style).

Used with intention, these little cards will help your overall student motivation and classroom community plan.

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Product Description

These homework passes were created to be customized by the teacher instead of using a "generic" one. There are three homework passes on the page to be printed out and cut. Each homework pass can be edited and the teacher can type the name of the recipient, the name of the teacher, and information on what the pass can be used for.

Currently, it says at the bottom: **This pass can only be used in math for one homework page and must be presented the day the homework is due. It cannot be used on a quiz, POD, class notes, or corrections.
This can be easily edited for your classroom.

There are also cute graphics that the students love on each pass!

NOTE: This is a one-page document and the thumbnail does not accurately reflect the three passes per page or the graphics. It will download correctly.

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