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Multicast Sample Cover Letter For Resume

Broadcast Engineer Resume Samples

Broadcast Engineers operate broadcast systems and make sure radio and television programs are broadcast in time. Common duties of a Broadcast Engineer include operating and maintaining systems, handling repairs, creating audiovisual links between various locations, preventing interruptions caused by equipment failure, and collaborating with other members of the team. Based on our most successful resume samples, essential qualifications include audio visual equipment expertise, decision making, fast thinking, networking, and communication skills. Eligible candidates make display of a degree in audio visual technology in their resumes.

For more information on what it takes to be a Broadcast Engineer, check out our complete Broadcast Engineer Job Description.


Broadcast Engineer

Promoted to Broadcast Engineer the InterVu was acquired by [company name], charged with leading engineering efforts to multicast-enable the corporate WAN

  • Teamed with product management to pioneer marketable product offerings and create savings on communication costs.
  • Conceptualized and implemented a comprehensive, $250K plan for A/V and computer equipment as part of one of the first webcast studio solutions; conducted detailed research on competing vendors.
  • Served as project manager and technical engineer/architect on highly-successful Internet events for Microsoft, DNC, Siebel Systems, John McCain, King 5 Television and more.
  • Provided technical consultation and training to CTO and management-level IT professionals.
  • Pursued and managed technical relations and partnership development with leaders in MS Windows Media Technologies and Real Networks Systems.
  • Supervised efforts to create standard specifications for high standards of quality and service. Managed a budget of $500K.

Broadcast Engineer

Developed viable business strategies for radio stations acquisitions and restructuring leading to total asset value increase

  • Predicted signal coverage, reliability, and interference using radiofrequency software tools
  • Compiled and analyzed demographics of market opportunities, population and ethnic profile of broadcast facilities
  • Detailed FM/AM broadcast radio site construction and/or modification estimates for a variety of broadcasting companies, including Clear Channel, CBS Radio, Cumulus Media, and Cox Media Group
  • Presented new business opportunities to potential investors and company executives
  • Standardized the research, documentation and presentation processes for the Engineering Team to ensure quality business proposals
  • Generated budgeting and scheduling for proposals

Senior Broadcast Engineer

Implemented and maintained major field tests of the Portable People Meter (PPM) trial in various markets, including Wilmington and Philadelphia. Stations in Baltimore and Washington were also included.

  • Developed, executed, and documented test plans using advanced third party systems
  • Extended the processes to recent market rollouts based on functionality
  • Designated as the country-wide contact for radio stations, TV stations, and national cable TV networks
  • Received top Arbitron awards for improved processes, as well as the extended use of my broadcast industry knowledge

Broadcast Engineer and Network Administrator

Worked nearly 15 years with an excellent worldwide, international broadcaster that has innovative technology and has positively impacted the lives of millions.

  • Repaired, maintained radio towers and curtain antennas.
  • Repaired and maintained 5-100,00 watt transmitters and supporting equipment
  • Administered the entire LAN/WAN, firewalls, software licenses, wireless networks, and of course all the computers.
  • Installed and maintained operatorless radio automation software that controls the entire broadcast facility, auto-substitutes failed components and notifies the engineer on-call of any critical faults.
  • Developed the proactive preventive maintenance program that increased the availability from 96% to over 99.8% (downtime is less than 0.2%) with the very near target of 99.99%.
  • Converted nearly 20 affiliated analog audio recording studios throughout Asia to fully digital while based in Singapore from January 2003 to December 2004.
  • Provided technical assistance to the Asia regional office and affiliated recording studios
  • Participated in developing and implementing the present digital delivery system that moves the audio files from the producer to the correct broadcaster.
  • Wrote and modified in-house software (batch, C#, PHP, HTML) to automate some routines and provide additional notification alarms for the radio automation system.
  • Designed and manufactured various retrofit systems to continue operating as needed.

Communications Specialist and Broadcast Engineer

Strategically prioritized, and drove projects to ensure on-time, requirements compliant completion with a focus in the operation of transmission encryption equipment both HD & SD. Applied strategic planning, prioritization and project management skills toward consistently achieving critical deadlines while maintaining high quality standards. Oversaw and managed the performance of 6 Motorola Multiplexes SD/HD; Maintain 4 Tandberg systems HD. Experienced with Video over IP and Remote Reflex (Statmux) transmission configurations, implementation and maintenance.

  • Earned a stellar reputation and was appointed to serve as the Head Engineer in the Design & installation of Cisco IP transports & Multiplexes HD/SD, Unicast & Multicast.
  • Maintained, tracked, and updated: uplink and downlink dish farm, 4 Vertex 9m Dishes & GenIV HPA Transmitters; ILC Control System for NJ and CA remote control of Transmission Systems; Facility Operations from production to operations, Skilled in Linux, Unix, VMS, Windows & MacOS; Final Cut Server Edit Rooms, Avid ISIS with SQL Database Edit Rooms; Anystream Transcoders for Video On Demand (VOD) Apple ITUNES and others.
  • Successfully launched multiple DVB-S2 Transmission Systems MCPT and SCPC.
  • Steered the conceptual development, design and execution of the Cisco (Formerly SA), DCII and VCII system.

Senior Broadcast Engineer

Provided maintenance support to twelve SD on-air broadcast networks and five HD broadcast networks.

  • Project Manager for medium and small projects including: Volicon Observer System Install, Advance HD Masslogger Project, and HP Server Install Project.
  • Find quick and efficient solutions to repair and recovery of broadcast and IT equipment with emphasis on customer service.
  • Designed, planned, and implemented new equipment projects with emphasis on documentation, security, training materials, and a seamless transition with on-air systems.
  • Tested, troubleshot, and configured IT infrastructure including Cisco switches and routers, Juniper firewalls for 100BaseT, Gigabit Ethernet and Brocade fiber switching.
  • Interfaced with other departments to coordinate implementation of projects with on-line equipment.
  • Provided first-line emergency maintenance for air-impacting outages.
  • Team with vendors in troubleshooting problems and upgrading systems.
  • First-line live events set-up and support engineering.

It/broadcast Engineer II

  • Supported Director of Engineering with capital project budgeting and purchasing.
  • Managed integration of Charlotte and Greensboro news channels into Raleigh technical facility.
  • Maintain the broadcast, IT, and facilities infrastructures for 24 hour news and weather channels in the Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, and Greensboro television markets; including remote newsroom, bureau, and microwave tower locations.
  • Maintained facility drawings and created project designs utilizing AutoCAD.

Broadcast Engineer

Joined Army in 1999 and graduated from the United States Defense Information School.

  • Activated to regular Army status for touring duty in Baghdad and Fallujah in 2004.
  • My team, which consisted of 12 soldiers, built the first television and radio broadcast station in Iraq.
  • Honorably discharged
  • Secret clearance from the U.S. ARMY

Broadcast Engineer / Programmer / Audio/video Editor

Programmer, Traffic Coordinator, Assistant Station Engineer, Production assistant, Engineering of live streams, Audio and Video editing, transmitter maintenance and respair. Ensuring FCC compliance. Anything technical with computers/networking.

  • Started as a Video Editor / Cameraman / Audio Engineer
  • Promoted to Chief Master Controller June of 2012
  • My job duties also include any broadcast needs or information technology related duties. (Comprehensive List Available)

Broadcast Engineer

On-air director, switcher, video and audio tape operator in Master Control.

  • Coordinated on-air talent segments, synchronized national and local radar with OCM, ran commercials, station identification, and advertised promotions.
  • Controlled audio and video feeds to the satellite.
  • Trained new operators in Master Control.


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Cisco Engineer Resume Samples

Cisco Engineers are network administrators who specialize in networks that are built with Cisco products. Their resumes show such responsibilities as delivering network support to regional offices in several locations, providing well documented resolutions in the ticket system, ensuring that the fiber loop between the offices and the national network are available, and monitoring and diagnosing any Cisco router and switch-related problems on the LAN in regional offices. Some sample resumes show four-year degrees in fields like information technology or computer science, while others display only an associate's degree. Both degrees are sufficient in obtaining a position in this field.

Looking for job listings? Check out our Cisco Engineer Jobs page.


Cisco Engineer/project Manager

Upgraded, designed and installed multiple campus VLAN network from Nortel to Cisco including 40 buildings and 50 remote WAN sites.

  • Provided a campus wide wireless network utilizing Cisco 1200 access pointes and Cisco wireless 1410 WAN site-to-site bridges.
  • Designed and Implemented Nortel VOIP.
  • Designed and implemented Cisco Long Range Ethernet connecting multiple campus sites.
  • Solutions put into operation contained a variety of technologies including: T1, T3, Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, TCP/IP, IPX, Ethernet, Long Range Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, VLAN's, VPN, HSRP.
  • Tested Cisco IOS, IOS upgrades, configuration upgrades, implemented VLANS, NAI Sniffers. Installed and maintained Cisco Works monitoring. Maintained the following Cisco platforms 7600, 7500, 7200, 4500, 3600, 2600, 2500, 1600, 800, 766, AS5300, Catalyst 6000, 5000, 3000, 2900, and 1912. Cisco PIX firewalls 506, 515, 520, 525, 535. Cisco 2950 LRE 585, VPN 3000 and Load Balancers.

Jr. Cisco Engineer

Performed first config of Cisco Devices based on the specs from engineering group before they installed at the client's premises

  • Provided rack/stack of servers and cisco routers switches, loaded Cisco IOS and preconfigured devices before shipping to the client.
  • Configured 800, 1800, 2500, 2600, 3800, 7200 Series Routers and Cisco Catalyst 500, 1900, 2900, 3560 and 6500 Series Switches.
  • Configured PPP, HDLC, ARPA, Novell-ether, SAP, and SNAP encapsulations on Serial, Ethernet and Token-Ring Interfaces.
  • Implemented and test BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, IGRP, NAT, IP, IPX, Subnetting, Multicast, HSRP, SNA, Frame Relay, ISDN, FDDI, Ethernet, (ACL)s.

Cisco Engineer

  • Company achieved the Premier Partner level of status and Advanced Security specialization requirements set forth by Cisco Systems as a result of my CCNA, CCDA, and CCSP certifications
  • Network design and refresh of network security products such as ASA 5500 series, 2800 series ISR's, and PIX firewalls
  • Supported PGP Universal project with the U.S. Department of Education. Granted 5C government security clearance.
  • Provided Account Managers with technical assistance and knowledge of product lines during sales presentations.
  • Prepared product quotes, order fulfillment and contract creation for national distributor and account representatives.
  • Provided technical support to a Windows 7/XP/Vista user network which also included Goldmine CRM software.

Contract Cisco Engineer

Built Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE) servers on multiple continents

  • Configured access layer switches in the ISE lab for implementation testing
  • Setup monitoring ports and conducted packet capture with Wireshark for troubleshooting
  • Aided in troubleshooting potential network issues in rolling out ISE

Cisco Engineer

  • Designed and built a network to allow TCP/IP Gigabit Campus Intranet and VOIP access for the [company name] in New York City
  • Tested and evaluated Avaya IP telephony and VoIP product and service
  • Set up CallManager / Unity Voicemail Server for the [company name]
  • Performed setup, configuration, testing and monitoring of Cisco Catalysts and Cisco Routers
  • Coordinated the initial configuration of Cisco Secure Firewall management for Cisco PIX
  • Assisted Configuration Management of Cisco View for the Campus Network
  • Configured Network Associates Sniffer, Gauntlet Active Firewall and CyberCop Scanner

Call Center Cisco Engineer/business Analyst

Support and optimization of 75+ [company name].

  • Development of complex call flows to better achieve workforce management .goals, e.g. service Levels, average handle time, training, skilling.
  • Saved Sprint Collections $1.3 million a year by better balancing call volume within the intelligent routing platform.
  • Working with Sprint Business to better understand scope and level of effort based on business requirements.
  • Work with development on CRM workflow and operations teams to enhance their best practices
  • Help bridge gap between developers and support team, this results in less downtime during outages and cost savings.
  • Cisco ICM release 7.5.7 scripting within Sprint TDM/VoIP environment, Aspect ACDs, Avaya ACDs.
  • Daily support and troubleshooting of call center technology.

Cisco Engineer

Deliver Network Support for regional offices in Glendale, Los Angeles, and Pasadena

  • Respond to alerts/alarms according to SLA with client
  • Provide well documented resolution in ticket system
  • Ensure that the fiber loop between offices and national network are available
  • Monitor and diagnose any Cisco router and switch related problems on the LAN in regional offices
  • Support Avaya IP phone network

Cisco Engineer

  • As Team Lead, performed integration of NYCDOE network/school sites
  • Supervised 2 team technicians in the integration of Access Layer switches at each NYCDOE network/school sites
  • Performed upgrade and troubleshooting of Cisco 6500 Series MLS IOS
  • Provided configuration of Cisco 6500 Series MLS
  • Performed I/C/T of Cisco 3800 Series routers
  • Performed I/C/T of Cisco 4404/4402 Wireless LAN Controllers alongside Cisco 1200 Series Wireless AP's
  • Provided upgrade of Cisco 1200 Series Wireless AP IOS and conversion to LWAPP
  • Performed I/C/T of Cisco 3500 Series Access Layer switches

Network Architect /senior Cisco Engineer

Configure, Data Center deploy ASR 9006, 9010, Nexus 7009, 7010 and corporate Cisco infrastructures

  • Diagnose and trouble-shoot Cisco infrastructure
  • Implement network best practices: LAN, OSPF, BGP, IP Routing, Availability, Management, and Security
  • Design Core BGP and OSPF and Data Center
  • Create and design mops for customer migration: BGP, OSPF, HSRP L2/ L3
  • Create and design mops for Nexus 7010 deployment and code upgrades
  • Engage with technical and non-technical QTS LOBs, QTS partners and vendors
  • Increase proficiency an expertise in general technologies
  • Participate in the evaluation, deployment and management of new technologies
  • Create and maintain documentation: Logical/physical diagrams, run books, discovery documents, QA documents, status reports, after action reports
  • Incident support and participation in on-call rotation

Senior Cisco Engineer

Technical lead role include sales design, pre-site analysis, deployment, documentation and both internal and customer support of Cisco VoIP systems.

  • Cisco systems/sales engineering for named account managers
  • Hands on installation and long term technical support of customer base.
  • Primary technical liaison with Cisco for strategic partnership building.


Free Professional Resume Critique

We have partnered with TopResume to bring you a FREE resume critique service. Upload your resume and within 48 hours TopResume will email you a detailed analysis of what hiring managers and automated systems think of your resume – and how to improve it.

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