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Why Teachers Dont Give Homework

  • Homework is an important part of school, if we didn't have it how would students study for tests. How would teachers measure student progress?

    • Homework teaches kids responsibility. Homework is also good because it occupies a lot of teacher’s time.
    • It was proven that after the cold war Russian children were smarter than American children because they banned all laws limiting homework.
    • Teachers give homework to measure the progress of their students and to help them learn important concepts.
    • If teachers didn't give out homework, then students would have no way of practicing the important things they have learned.

  • I think that all teachers should give homework.

    I think that all teachers should give homework. Homework never hurt anybody. Homework gives kids something to do that
    keeps them out of trouble. Homework
    teaches kids responsibility. Homework is
    also good because it occupies a lot of teacher’s time. Teachers need work to do every day to justify
    their salaries, too.

  • Homework is good.

    Homework is a great way for teachers to keep their students sharp. I think that homework can be used as an important tool in continuing the education of a student when they leave the classroom.It keeps their minds sharp and keeps them focused when they are not with the teacher.

  • Homework is helpful

    Even though I am willing to bet money that 8/10 kids would love nothing more then to have homework abolished, I think looking back on my time in school, homework is a very important factor in a students success in school. It gives them extra practice for the upcoming tests.

  • Yes. I believe teachers should give homework.

    Yes. I believe Teachers should give homework, because it gives students a second look at the material. Also it students a chance to use extra arenas to study the material such as the Internet. Students would get a chance to work at their own pace, as opposed to a classroom environment.

  • Homework encourages discipline

    Homework shouldn't be heavily weighted in the overall grade of a course, but there's no reason not to give homework as long as it isn't merely busy work. Although it maybe SHOULDN'T be the case, there are a lot of jobs where work is taken home. A large part of the function of schooling is preparation for the adult world.

  • Homework is Essential

    Teachers give homework to measure the progress of their students and to help them learn important concepts. If teachers didn't give out homework, then students would have no way of practicing the important things they have learned. If students didn't learn in school, they would be poorly equipped to be functioning adults.

  • Homework Is A Part of Education

    Teachers should be able to assign homework. It is a fundamental part of the curriculum. Not all assignments can be handled in class. This is especially true in the language arts. The best way to learn how to write is sit down behind a computer and write. It takes a lot of time, and there are not enough minutes in a class period to do it in school.

  • Yes they should

    If you do not have homework then how would you be able to learn how to do stuff. Plus most of the time why you have soooooooo much homework is because some people does not get there class work done so you have so much homework. So there fore you can not spend a lot of time with your family

  • Helps With Life Skills

    Homework helps with responsibility, perseverance, and self-esteem. It helps with responsibility because it is the student's responsibility to do the work, and pay attention in class. Homework helps with perseverance because if a student comes across a problem they cannot solve, they push on, until they understand. It helps with self-esteem because when a student turns in homework and gets a good grade, it boosts their self-esteem.

  • Of course homework should be given!

    Giving homework to children enhances their capacity to understand the subject better....Even if at school they are unable to comprehend something they can re read that chapter again and ask questions....Another principal cause for giving schoolwork is making students be much more aware of their learning. Learners are answerable for their study thoroughly so they oblige to put a great deal of effort into theor apprehension. Therefore, the accomplishment of prep is not only a responsibility for students to try their best but also a motivation to strengthen the cognition. Moreover, finishing homework helps learners becomes much more active to attain knowledge. It is easier for them to grasp the information in next lessons. By degrees, students might raise the sense of initiative in learning and others which is extremely favorable to handle unexpected situation

  • Yes, schools should give homework.

    Schools should be allowed to give homework. Homework is a vital tool to teach students time management skills, which is very important to have when you are in a professional work place. If you take homework out of schools you are doing a disservice to the students and are not doing everything possible to help prepare them for the real world.

  • Schools should give homework.

    I believe that homework is beneficial to a student because it gives them more practice in the subject matter, which further enhances their education. Also, homework gives the student a chance to identify areas that they are confused in so they can ask the teacher about them the next day. There isn’t enough time in a class for education to be personalized, so homework is the student’s effort into bettering their education.

  • Yes to learn more be smart and pass our grade

    To be smart and pass our grade to be smart.To not be lazy or just do nothing because some kids they don't want to do it teachers care about them. Teachers love us but sometimes they or happy or mad teachers are helping us to not to lose . Teachers love us and teachers are helping us they are there for us.

  • Yes yes!

    Children should definitely have homework. It helps them increase their skills in the subject they are learning. If they are having trouble with the topic this is a way for them to get extra help. Just having a lesson in class does not make it about the child. Homework is a way to let the teacher know if the child is struggling with the topic, or if s/he is doing just fine. Teachers should not stop giving homework, they should just give a little less.

  • Yes, schools should give homework and resources to complete the homework.

    Homework is important in order for students to understand what they're learning in a more personal way. Teachers and other administrators of education need to be aware of what is required to complete a homework assignment, and that not all students will have access to the resources required to do so. Schools must be able to provide these resources or assign homework that does not require resources that cannot be guaranteed in all homes.

  • Yes homework should be given

    Homework should be given to students so that they at least revise whats done in the class today as most of them do not remember.And homework days should be there like Monday for maths, Tuesday for science etc. Or can be given a lot on weekends. Homework has one solid benefit — mainly, if it is used as a tool to develop a love of reading.The point of education is to turn children into independent, critical thinkers that are responsible, happy people

  • Schools should give homework.

    Schools should give homework. Teachers give us homework so we have something to do instead of watching TV. Homework over the holidays is okay but I disagree with bombarding students with homework packages that take away family time. If you plan correctly then you can spend time with family and your homework.

  • Absolutely they should

    Practice with skills is necessary for learning how to adapt to different situations. However, teachers need to assign it and NOT check it, unless it's for marks. Quizzes will let you know if the students are getting it or not. Students, follow your own judgement. If you understand a topic, review the assigned questions, try the challenging ones. Don't understand, do some more. Someone said in the against giving homework section that students will ask for the help that they need if they need it, that teachers don't trust you to ask and that's why we assign so much homework. One of the hardest things to do is to admit that you don't understand something and to ask for help with it. Most students won't, even if they are struggling. Also, how do students know if they're struggling if they haven't actually tried to apply what was taught. Not teaching students good work habits in lower grades only does them a disservice when they attempt any post-secondary studies. Homework serves to reinforce the specific skills from the lesson but also teaches time management and study skills that students will need when they have less guidance for their learning in post-secondary.

  • Yes! There must be homework. Why not.

    Lots of students like me prefer to learn on their own rather than having a teacher lecture them. And homework does this. Homework lets students work on their own and helps them develop skills that they will need in their later life. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. The only way to get good at something is to practice.

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